What sizes do you carry?

We specialize in band sizes 28-54, and cup sizes D-O.

Why did you start The Heavy Hanger by Melons The Complete Bra Shop?

Like many women in America, I have large breasts, and could not find my size in the chain stores. Finding a supportive garment for larger breasts was almost impossible.  In 2003, I located a local store, on a whim, that sold large cup, albeit, utilitarian style bras that fit better than anything she could have imagined. Once properly fitted, I began to cry. I made a vow that day that I would find a way to give other girls/women who had suffered like me,  this feeling of relief that I felt, somehow. In, December 2012, that store closed its doors. The Heavy Hanger by Melons The Complete Bra Shop was launched February 1, 2013.

What is the mission of The Heavy Hanger by Melons The Complete Bra Shop?

The mission is to bring high quality, comfortable and high fashion bras and lingerie to Wichita and surrounding areas.  Breast and bra care education for women is a top priority and apart of every bra fit appointment.

Who are your clients?

Many clients are medical professionals and new mothers and every other types of workers. A properly fitting bra helps with back pain relief, gives women a better feeling about their day and their self-image.

Do you have products for teens/pre-teens?

 Proper bras are also important for girls ages 13-17 when girls have exponential growth. Around this time, young women develop their personality, character, and self-esteem. A proper fitting bra can help them feel more “put together” and keep their breast from being such a burden on them as they do their best to keep a mindset of a child while their body develops “without” their permission.

Do you have sports bras?

Yes, exercising without a proper sports bra can cause a varying amount of damage to your breast tissue. The sports bra is one of the most important bras you can own.  Moreover, a proper fit sports bra will keep breast tissue secure and supported while exercising or involved in other vigorous/high movement activity. Our top brands include Panache Sports and Elomi Energise.

Do you offer virtual fittings?

Yes. We have customers as far as Nairobi, Japan, Alaska. Many of the long-distance customers count on us for virtual fittings and they trust us to provide them with high-quality bras.

Why should I shop The Heavy Hanger by Melons The Complete Bra Shop?

Independent qualified bra fitting is becoming a lost art of retail with more and more online options, aced fewer brick and mortar stores being able to keep their doors open. However, even with online options, there is no match to being properly fit in a garment.

Does The Heavy Hanger by Melons The Complete Bra Shop support the community?

We provide breast and bra care education for local non-profits, and gently used and new bras to Domestic Violence, homeless, and children’s shelters. We also work in conjunction with the local breast cancer awareness chapter to provide bras for underserved women who have been screen for breast cancer.

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