Care and Wear

Now that you have been fitted for your new bra, we would like to give you some information about the care required as well as what to expect if you have never worn a fitted bra before.

First and most important:

Hand wash your new bra to soften the new materials.

Hand washing your bras will greatly extend the life of them and will ensure that they remain comfortable and in good shape. Heat expands metal and shrinks material. So, if your wires have popped out it is usually because it has been in a hot machine and /or drier even in a wash bag. We recommend ‘Forever New’ for hand washing.

Putting on your bra:

If you are able, put your bra on by placing the band of the bra on the underbust, as if you are putting your arms in. You will clasp the eye and hook first, and then put your arms in the straps. This will give you more “slack” when clasping your bra. Once you have the bra on, you need to ensure the wire is sitting against rib cage and not against breast tissue. Reach in through the top of the cup and Scoop breast tissue from the outside underwire towards the middle of the cup. Fullest part of the breast to the fullest part of the cup, (Note: Be sure not to grab the neck or the rim of the cup with your hand. This way the neck or rim of the cup will stay as flush as possible for as long as possible.) By grasping the wire with same side hand and using your opposite hand to scoop. Next, allow breast tissue to fill entire cup (most important for larger boob) so that your breast tissue is sitting near or right at the underwire. Finally, take two fingers across the top edge of the cups and smooth any breast flesh right under the ‘neck’ or rim of the cups. Never pull your bra on while already hooked. If you are unable to hook from behind, use a satin slip to help slide bra around your underbust. Additionally, be sure the band is level or lower to your underbust. Keep the band down low in the back!

What will my new bra feel like?

Wearing a proper fit bra feels different from an improperly fit bra. Proper fit bras look better than improper fit bras as well, that’s why you decided to get a proper fit bra… However, it does take some getting used to, especially if you’ve been wearing an improperly fit bra with a very large band. The materials are new and like a good shoe, need to be broken in. If you find it hard to wear in the beginning, don’t wear it all day. Wear it for as long as you can and then take it off. Put it on again later or the next day. Don’t be tempted to cast it aside as not fitting and never wear it again. After your body gets used to wearing it. Your new bra could end up being your favorite bra. Give it a chance. If you liked it in the store, enough to purchase it, you will like it at home as soon as you break it in. It could take up to two weeks until your body gets used to a proper fit bra. About 3-4 wears.

“I have marks on my skin…”

You may find that when you take your bra off you have pressure marks on your skin. This is completely normal. Just like you get from your socks or a hair tie or watch on your wrist. They will slowly fade once the bra is removed. Is it too tight? You should be able to run your fingers around the band and the back of the bra should have a small bit of a stretch. Note: Your breasts are balance at the underbust, or rib cage, so 80% of the weight of your breast is balanced there. Remember, the firmer the band, the higher the boobs.

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